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Grange Hall features a full-service in-house craft brewery with a wide lineup of styles including an altbier, pilsner, wheat beer, brown ale and several India pale ales.

Our beer is brewed using water enriched with GOLD! 

Little Dry Creek, the actual water source feeding Grange Hall, is a short tributary of the South Platte River and was the water source for farmers who settled in the Colorado plains. In 1858, William Greenberry Russel discovered the first gold nugget in Little Dry Creek, which kick-started the Colorado gold rush and created the city of Denver.

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5 of a Kind Double IPA

Fresh berries, stone fruit and a hint of citrus, bring the nose of this double IPA to the forefront just to give you a sneak peak. Medium full body, yet dry on the finish, this DIPA has a malt sweetness that compliments this aggressively hopped beer.  

8.1% ABV  | 83 IBU

Lucky 13 Oktoberfest

Our Award Winning German-Style Festbier is back for an encore! Bright gold in color with a slight grassy nose, medium sweetness and clean hop finish. This is the traditional beer style served at Oktoberfest in Munich.

5% ABV | 26 IBU

Sip Back Pale Ale

Close your eyes, sip back and remember to where you tried your first REAL beer.  This Classic American Pale Ale takes a trip to simpler times with an even more simple recipe.  Two malts, yeast and a healthy dose of Cascade hops help create a drinking experience that is as American as the Fourth of July!  Fer sure to bring you back.

5.1% ABV | 43ish IBU

Walking in Paradise IPA

For a little summertime fun, we took our Walking IPA, cut the abv and infused it with oodles of strawberry and mangos to get this easy drinking IPA.  

4.9% ABV | 54 IBU

Ohana Landbier

Take a dive in the next evolution of lagers.  Our Ohana Landbier is a back hopped, light lager that finishes crisp and dry.  The artisanal use of new world hops, showcase the tropical fruit flavors & aromas of the hops without an overly bitter.  At 3.9% ABV, our Landbier is perfectly crushable for these long, hot summer days.  

3.9% ABV | 30ish IBU

A Night in Barcelona Belgian Wit

Born out of a love for travel and local cuisine, our White Ale is a collaboration of minds between Uptown & Humboldt, LDCB & Grange Hall.  We took a Belgian-Style Wit and infused it with tangerine, European basil and fresh mint to create this crushable ale.  Hints of tangerine and basil encompass the nose and follows through to each sip.  Sweet mint rounds out the flavor helping to create a unique umami finish.  

5.55% ABV | 11 IBU

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