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Xatrucho was created by chef Sandoval with the vision to become one of the premier private cooking concepts in Denver. We focus on curating menus that bring together the essence of classical ,old-school cooking techniques, and blending in Latin flavor profiles. The XATRUCHO mentality behind food is simple: cook with the seasons, source your products consciously, and above all have fun while cooking beautiful and delicious food. Our biggest joy comes from working with as many local farms and small businesses as possible and paying attention to the way we exercise our purchasing power. We work closely with the Latino community to find ways to generate fair-wage jobs and give the community the tools to grow through food. The XATRUCHO team takes pride in what we allow to come out of our kitchen. Our cuisine is clear - cook 100% from scratch, taste as you go, and never allow quality and flavor lose out to trends and fads. We make our cuisine accessible by having an eclectic list of partners in the food and beverage industry, partnering with breweries, venues and chefs to create events that range from exclusive dining experiences to relaxed pop-up events.